Tuesday, June 17, 2003

"WAS I A CONQUERING CAPITALIST OR A SOCIALIST ACTIVIST?" Ladies and gentlemen, David Schwimmer Wants To Be Taken Seriously.

From his trip back to his alma mater, Northwestern:
"Would you say something as Ross?" someone asks.

Schwimmer's face changes. "I came to talk to you guys as myself," he replies, with pain in his voice.

From that point on, the mood in the room sours for good.

"You are always cursed by a character you play on television," says director [James] Burrows a few days later in a phone interview. "You are always known as that character."

"I was so sad on my drive home," Schwimmer says a few days removed from his Northwestern appearance, sitting over a beer in the back room of Jack's tavern on Southport Avenue. "You would have thought they would have taken advantage of an opportunity like that. I was so disappointed in the level of stupidity of the questions. It was all like, 'Who's the best kisser?' "

Did David Schwimmer sell his artistic soul for the past ten years? Can he buy it back through his Lookingglass theater troupe? Keep reading.

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