Thursday, July 24, 2003

THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED "OH, MARILYN!": I'll let this Page Six item pretty much speak for itself:
ACCORDING to Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Monroe could never have fooled around with the late President John F. Kennedy or Frank Sinatra - because she was too busy spending time with him. Lewis knocked Bill O'Reilly's socks off when he taped a segment for Fox News Channel's "Pulse" - due to air tonight - when he asked Lewis about Monroe's sexual history. "Half of it is bull [bleep]!" Lewis cried. "[Monroe] was the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful girl in this world. Troubled, but a marvelous lady . . . I am so sick and tired of hearing about people blackening the names of Jack Kennedy and Bobby." When O'Reilly pressed him about Monroe's documented dalliances with the Kennedys, Lewis denied she ever slept with the brothers, exploding: "I know [she never had affairs with the Kennedys] because she was involved with me! OK?! . . . I wasn't looking at her photos . . . and it was nice, by the way," Lewis added with a leer.

Well, they did know each other. Lewis, it's worth noting, was married from 1944-1982, and had five children with his wife by the end of 1959 -- but if he wants to fess up to shtupping Monroe, that's his business.

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