Friday, October 10, 2003

I DON'T EAT BUFFALO: Y'know, with a baby and all, I do rely on you all to let me know what television I need to be watching.

Why did it take me until this week to experience how hysterical 'Newleyweds: Nick and Jessica' is?

Man, is she dumb. Ozzy dumb, only without the drugs and alcohol excuse. And Nick? Being a passive-aggressive needy jerk who's on the tail end of his career (at 29) may be bad for a marriage, but, damn, it makes for fun television.

I've seen two episodes (the book tour/furniture moving and Bahamas shows), and I'm hooked. I don't know why the couple agreed to do the show, but I'm sure going to keep watching.

Seriously, you guys, this is a reciprocal enterprise. Next time, clue me in sooner.

Anything else I need to know about?

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