Monday, November 3, 2003

A SIGHTING, OF SORTS: Well, not high-level in terms of prominence, but in terms of interaction.

1:30pm, 15th and Market Streets. I'm running to Wendy's to grab some chicken strips for lunch (and, by the way, they're not bad.)

Right there is former Big Brother "star" and current Philadelphia City Council gadfly candidate Will Mega (a/k/a "William Collins", "Hiram Ashantee"), in a tan suit, handing out brochures. And it goes like this:
Me: "I was happy when they kicked you out of Big Brother." He doesn't react. I keep walking past him.

Mega (about 10' away now): "I didn't hear you. What did you say?"

Me (about 15' away): "I said I was happy when they kicked you off Big Brother. But good luck."

Mega (loudly): "I'll be happy when they get rid of the white man."

I kept walking.

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