Saturday, October 30, 2004

CHOW-DAH! SAY IT! CHOW-DAH! When Lenny Bruce took the stage for the first time after the JFK assassination, no one knew what he'd start with. He delivered one immortal sentence: "Man, Vaughn Meader is screwed!" Meader had won the 1962 Album of the Year and Best Comedy Performance Grammys for his album "The First Family," which rested on his uncanny impressions of JFK and RFK. (He was defeated in the Best New Artist category by Robert Goulet.) While Meader later referred to November 22, 1963 as "the day I died," Meader died on Friday. The NY Times has a remembrance, which Ann Althouse graciously points us. Without Meader, we wouldn't have Diamond Joe Quimby, and that's reason enough to remember him.

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