Tuesday, October 26, 2004

SOMEWHERE OVER THE GREEN MONSTER: Because Catalexis's comment a few posts down made me think of it, here's a tale-of-the-tape comparison between the Red Sox and The Wizard of Oz:

Wizard of Oz: Ruby slippers
Red Sox: Red socks

Cursed by:
Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch of the West
Red Sox: Bambino

Not the man for the job:
Wizard of Oz: The Great and Powerful Oz
Red Sox: Grady Little

Swings heavy timber:
Wizard of Oz: Tin Woodman
Red Sox: David Ortiz

Watch high with:
Wizard of Oz: Dark Side of the Moon
Red Sox: The Wall (for the Green Monster)

Watch out for:
Wizard of Oz: Flying monkeys; opium poppies
Red Sox: Middle of Cards lineup; nonlethal bullets

Gay icon:
Wizard of Oz: Judy Garland
Red Sox: Johnny Damon

Could be improved by:
Wizard of Oz: Beating the crap out of Tim McCarver
Red Sox: Beating the crap out of Tim McCarver

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