Wednesday, December 15, 2004

MORE THAN A MOUTHFUL: This is not been the easiest year to award the ALOTT5MA for Most Difficult Challenge In A Reality Competition, because of the existence of so many worthy nominees. In a year that saw Survivor All-Star's one-on-one logrolling competition, Survivor Vanuatu's hang-on-a-totem-pole and hold-the-bow-and-arrow endurance tests (see this remarkably comprehensive chart of all past Survivor challenges for more), TAR5's final episode race up a Phillipine cliff, ANTM3's do-a-commercial-in-transliterated-Japanese and The Benefactor's Elimination Jenga, winning this one was going to be tough.

But we do have a winner, and I don't think anyone who saw this challenge would contest its difficulty, or its entertainment value. The Amazing Race 5. Episode Four. Pushkin, Russia. One kilogram of caviar. And the bodies started dropping. Never before have so many tv viewers learned so much about the need to replenish electrolytes so quickly.

Great challenge. Great television. ALOTT5MA winner. Tell me I'm wrong.

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