Friday, March 25, 2005

SADLY, IT'S ONLY MADE $300,000 SO FAR: You've probably not heard much about "Millions," which Fox Searchlight has kind of dumped in its quest to find another "Napoleon Dynamite." Since this film is far more "arty" and family oriented than Searchlight's last big success, they've chosen to dump it. The plot is simple--shortly after two children lose their mother and move to a new town, the younger one, played wonderfully by complete unknown Alexander Nathan Etel, builds a fort out of boxes which he uses to spur daydreams. However, when a bag of money falls out of the sky, the family is changed forever--especially since the younger child believes he's talking to God. Of course, in an American film, this could lead to cut rate slapstick comedy, or (after the revelation of where the money came from) a cookie-cutter "thriller." Instead, the movie maintains a kind of dreamlike tone, as the children try to figure out how to do what's right with the money. The only detraction is an ending that abandons logic, but the film as a whole is an authentic and touching film for the entire family--it's well worth your time, and ought to become a Christmas perennial (most of the film is set at Christmas). It's only in 77 theatres right now, but will continue to expand over the next few weeks, so check it out.

In fact, the only false notes were in the trailers, which included "Herbie: Fully Loaded," which only deepens my despair over Michael Keaton's career, and "Roll Bounce," the upcoming movie about roller disco.

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