Thursday, July 21, 2005

WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT KARL ROVE (WITHOUT THE PENDING INDICTMENT)? Philadelphia-based political consultant Ken Smukler -- a man who advised me two years ago that I ought to look into ways of developing a campaign finance law practice -- thinks he has the next great reality competition idea:
A proposed eight-part series titled "Red/Blue," which its creators aim to get on the air next summer, places 12 or 14 aspiring political consultants -- divided into two teams of liberals and conservatives -- inside a Georgetown townhouse that's wired with cameras and microphones a la "Real World" and "Big Brother." The participants engage in a series of challenges, both in and out of Washington, that test their political skills. Two hopefuls, one of each political stripe, will be eliminated each week. The last man or woman standing wins $1 million to spend on a cause or candidate in the 2006 election.

Whatever happens, I have a feeling Bob Shrum will lose.

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