Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'LL NEVER WORRY ABOUT YOU HAVING A MISTRESS. YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE: Bill Lyon, who started writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer in the year I was born, filed his last column today as part of the latest round of Knight-Ridder forced buyouts. He sums up this city well:
One thing we do really well in this town is suffer. We have a threshold of pain that extends into the heavens. Our capacity for hurt is matched only by our capacity for loyalty. We keep standing there on the street corner certain that one day, some day, just you wait and see, there'll be another parade to happen along. Like the man said: "I bleed Eagles green... I just wish I didn't have to bleed so much." This town endures, you see, and its people keep coming back for more. How can you not fall in love with that?

It is a shame he has to leave, but it's a great summing up of what he calls the "rare treasured moments in sports when the human spirit gives off a light brighter than a thousand suns."

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