Wednesday, December 7, 2005

WILL MAGNETO SURVIVE? I'm only halfway through the two-hour premiere of Project Runway II: Less Peppery, but I am excited. As I hoped, the success of season one inspired a tremendous level of talent for the sequel, and this should be a great competition.

As Kingsley noted before, the thing which sets this show apart is the level of craft involved. There is no faking the skill it takes to design and sew great fashion, and the level of effort put in on a weekly basis is exceptional. Combine that with judging which is both tough and fair, and the awesome mentoring work of Tim Gunn, and you've got a must-see show for anyone who likes any of the Who Wants To Be The Next [X] reality genre.

Kudos to Matt, the earliest of adopters on the show, for getting me on board early.

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