Tuesday, May 2, 2006

THE BEST PART OF GOING TO MOVIES, WITHOUT PAYING THE $10.75: It's a big day for movie trailers on the Interweb, with three big huge movies getting trailers released, all of which are worth your time:
  • Superman Returns, the trailer for which indicates that Kevin Spacey's cold streak may finally be coming to an end, but makes me worry that the movie will be a little too joke-y for its own good, but still, I'm so there opening weekend.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which certainly offers a great deal of swash being buckled. (And a question--has there ever been a movie about which you expected less and got more than the first Pirates, which I was convinced would completely suck, but wound up being pretty darn great?)
  • Casino Royale, which seems to have left behind the silliness that was the last couple of Bond flicks for a far more "realistic" take. We don't get too much of an idea of the type of Bond Daniel Craig is likely to be, but certainly this has promise, given that Martin Campbell's Goldeneye was, by a pretty good margin, the best of the Brosnan Bond films.

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