Thursday, May 25, 2006

SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL: NBC has done big reshuffling of their fall schedule. High points:
  • Studio 60 to Mondays at 10 from Thursdays at 9. (And many breathe a sigh of relief, as giving up What About Brian? is a lot easier than giving up Grey's.)
  • Law and Order: CI to Tuesdays at 9 from from Fridays at 10.
  • 20 Good Years and 30 Rock swap timeslots with The Biggest Loser on Wednesdays, so the sitcoms will lead off the night, Kidnapped now on Wednesdays at 10.
  • Deal or No Deal goes into the Thursday night 9 PM death slot.
  • Crossing Jordan returns in the fall on Fridays at 8, with Law and Order surprisingly banished to Fridays at 10.
  • Scrubs still being held for midseason, with Medium joining it on the bench.

The most interesting thing is that NBC (wisely, in my view) is going with disposable programming in the 9 PM Wednesday and Thursday slot rather than trying to compete on a prestige level in those nasty timeslots, and seems to be giving L&O a none-too-dignified trip toward the grave.

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