Monday, May 22, 2006

SPEAKING OF LEONARD COHEN: He was on Fresh Air today (the audio should be up later today), touting his new volume of poetry, Book of Longing, which my sister-in-law's mother actually already bought for me (I had made a mix CD a few years back in which every other song was a cover of "Hallelujah" interspersed with songs by the likes of Lou Reed, Nick Cave, and Nick Drake, that gained instant popularity amongst by extended family).

Besides the book (which is a bestseller already in Cohen's home and native land), there's a new documentary being released this summer about Cohen, plus he's got a new CD (sort of) coming out, and Prince Charles just revealed this weekend that he is a big Cohen fan.

Why all the activity from Cohen? To paraphrase Andrew Dice Clay speaking about Little Boy Blue (prize to the first person who stumbles upon this entry by googling "Leonard Cohen and Andrew Dice Clay): he needs the money.

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