Sunday, February 4, 2007

ANOTHER WEEKLY INSTALLMENT: Insofar as I occasionally need to truth-squad the Sunday Styles section, The Wife asked me to look into this graf in today's Vows column:
As their dating progressed, Ms. Wu researched Mr. Nobay online and learned that in 1998 he sued Princeton, unsuccessfully, for defamation after the university notified medical schools he had applied to that his applications contained misrepresentations and altered his academic record. (In court, he admitted misstatements but says he still believes some of what Princeton presented was inaccurate.)
So, she asked, what did he lie about, exactly? According to the AP in 1998:
The graduate, Rommel Nobay, had admitted he told numerous lies and half-truths in applying to Princeton and later to medical school. He claimed that he was part black and a National Merit Scholar and that a family of lepers had donated half their beggings to support his dream. ... Nobay, 30, a computer science teacher from New Haven, admitted that he was not, in fact, a Merit Scholar and that a family of lepers had not helped send him to school. He also acknowledged that he doesn't know whether he has any black blood.
Heh. The Wife reminds me to disclose my conflict of interest here, insofar as I -- lacking sufficient ties to Northeast Philadelphia's leper community -- failed to gain admission to Princeton, and that her favorite lawsuit against Princeton remains the student who got drunk, climbed atop a NJ Transit train, was electrocuted and severely disabled as a result, who then successfully sued both Princeton and the eating clubs for being negligent in not stopping him from getting drunk or telling him it might be a bad idea to climb on top of an electric train.

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