Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IDOL GIVES BACK: Gee, gosh, the "most shocking result" ever? Whatever could that be?

While you're watching (or after), liveblog here, and if you need an antidote to some of the sincerity and Sanjaya, Ricky Gervais' trip to Kenya for Red Nose Day should suffice.

e.t.a.: You know how Fametracker does those audits to determine who a star is as famous as, and who s/he should be as famous as? Shouldn't Annie Lennox be at closer to Celine Dion-level fame and fortune? Her voice tonight was, as always, a gift. Beyond that, I rather liked Carrie Underwood's "I'll Stand By You," Jack Black's performance and the return of Verdine "Sexual Chocolate!" White. All this, and a discussion of the results, in Comments.

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