Wednesday, January 30, 2008

READER MAIL: From Amy, here's a request I think we can handle:
My husband and I are going to Vegas in March for a wedding (well, really for our first trip sans kids since our honeymoon, the wedding is just an excuse). My husband is a bit of a foodie, I don't care what we do as long as it involves no kids and a fair amount of cocktails, and we are both pretty green on Vegas. You guys have talked a bit about Vegas in the past, but do you have any recommendations on how we can do it up right in three days or less?
Me: it all depends on what you like, because Vegas has a place that does everything well. If there's a celebrity chef you like, odds are his Vegas location is up to standard. I can't go to Vegas without eating once at Olive's at the Bellagio, have had nothing but great lunches at the Spago at Caesar's, and I had a kickass dinner at craftsteak last year. I've heard nothing but raves about Robuchon's places at the MGM, but haven't been there yet, and I'd be very interested in seeing Batali's new place at the Venetian. But, seriously: it's a great foodie town, and it's hard to go wrong.

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