Thursday, April 3, 2008

THE FUTURE IS OPEN WIDE IF YOU CALL 1-800-DENTIST: As someone who can chart his marriage back to a high-school kiss that occurred after watching "Valley Girl," I am asking the marketers and ad execs of the world to please institute a moratorium on the use of Modern English's "Melt With You" in commercials. I have come to terms with pop songs beings bastardized for commercial purposes and even see the occasional benefit of a lesser know artist receiving recognition (Feist) or being rediscovered (Nick Drake) or even getting some justified recognition (Wilco). But with"Melt With You" being used in two high-profile campaigns right now (Taco Bell and GMC), not to mention previous campaigns for M & M's and Ritz Crackers, I am saying enough--throw the guys in Icicle Works a bone, won't ya?

Meanwhile, while looking for something else this morning, I happened upon this Pringles commercial, which is just plain awesome.

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