Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IN WHICH CHRIS CORNELL WISHES HE'D BEEN ON AMERICAN IDOL: Chris Cornell is apparently a little miffed that David Cook didn't have big neon lights behind him last week flashing PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN SINGING THIS SONG, THIS IS A CHRIS CORNELL ARRANGEMENT.

After Chris Daughtry's self-effacing-and-somewhat-disingenuous "hey, I just wanted to do something different with the arrangement" video clips last year before launching into X's rocked up version of Y's non-rocked up song Z, I think that both David Cook and the AI folks themselves have done a good job this year of being much more forthcoming about the provenance of non-customary arrangements. (It's not their fault if the TiVo crowd fast-forwards past the Ryan banter.)

As for Cornell, his own version of Billie Jean was #12 on the iTunes top alternative chart as of yesterday -- I'm guessing it wasn't there prior to Cook's performance on AI. So perhaps he should enjoy the free publicity and get cracking on an homage to Beat It.

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