Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SONG ABOUT A SUNBEAM, SONG ABOUT A GIRL: There was a time -- some three months before tonight's results show, perhaps -- but was indeed a time when Robbie Carrico, Alexandréa Lushington and Colton Berry still walked the earth, and when we didn't feel so frequently let down by this year's competitors. Let's go back to that time, shall we? Here's David Cook, "Hello"; Young David Archuleta, "Waiting for the World to Change"; Clifford the Crunchy Muppet, "Hallelujah"; and Syesha Mercado, "Think".

Two separate questions for tonight: (1) Would you rather have the final three we now have, or, say, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson and Chikezie Eze? Construct a narrative by which you preferred final three got to this point; and (2) Compared to other final threes we've had, this one's more talented as a whole than Fantasia/DeGarmo/Jasmine and Kelly/Justin/Nikki, I'd argue, but ... any others?

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