Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EUSTACE TILLEY, YOU'RE ON NOTICE: We received two mailings from The New Yorker last night: one invited Jen to renew her existing subscription for one year for $49.95, or for two years for $79.95. The other invited me to start a new subscription at the "professional discount" rate of one year for only $25, or two years at $45. [Hell, the magazine's own website is offering a cheaper rate than what they mailed Jen -- $39.95/1 or $69.95/2.]

So I called their customer service number and asked, um, can I just renew Jen's subscription at the rate you've offered to me? And they said sure. I then asked if there was an even lower rate they weren't telling me about. Alas, no such offer was extended. But seriously? I can't believe the gall of that "offer" to Jen.

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