Thursday, August 21, 2008

EVERY TIME RICHIE MIMES "HELLO" LIKE IT'S THE MOST SINCERE HELLO EVER OFFERED IN THE HISTORY OF HELLOS: Longtime readers of this site will recall what happened when two Macalester students tried to reproduce the sculpture of Lionel Richie's head from the "Hello" video.

But I'm sure you wondered, as with monkeys typing Hamlet: what would happen if a classroom full of blindfolded British art students made the attempt? What if your medium was Starburst candies? And what if Lionel Richie tried to sing the song while sucking down helium?

[Click here to watch the original video, because Prof. Richie's a creepier stalker than you might remember. No, the actress isn't blind in real life. Also, there's a real continuity issue others have noted: how did she know how to sculpt him accurately unless she was already familiar with his face?]

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