Thursday, September 18, 2008

DON'T NEED NOTHIN' BUT A GOOD TIME REDUX: I emphatically don't want to know your thoughts on same-sex marriage. This is not the forum for that. Apropos of Matt's post a couple of weeks ago, however, this is the forum for me to complain that headlines like "Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage Ban Grows," and articles that switch back and forth between discussing the percentage of people who support gay marriage and the percentage who oppose the gay marriage initiative, leave my head spinning. I practically need to diagram it on the white board to keep it straight (pun intended).

Just to be clear, when you're voting for the initiative, yes means no gay marriage; no means yes gay marriage. I conducted my own poll and found that a majority of likely voters are not going to not get this wrong when neglecting to fail to punch their ballots.

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