Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TULLE TIME: So, after Philomena explained to me the difference between tulle and toile, and Kenley made her version of Maleficent's costume for the IceCapades' Sleeping Beauty -- okay, maybe it was more like a Thulsa Doom meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert sort of thing -- and the producers nonetheless ran a reprise of last year's Chris/Rami run-off (with a twist that sadly fails to disguise an all-but-foregone conclusion), and I thought briefly about whether an updated form of toile might be successfully painted or embroidered with Archies/Happy Days/American Graffiti type scenes for Kenley to use in future designs, and then remembered that it was tulle she always uses and not toile, and then tried for half an hour to find a suitably humorous linkable exemplar of Thulsa Doom only to settle for the imdb placeholder page, I'm just about out of gas for this rotation of Project Runway. I know there's more to be said. I just know it. Who's got it?

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