Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'M WAITING FOR HIS SHOWDOWN WITH DEXTER MORGAN: For those suffering from Bartowski Withdrawal Syndrome (no episodes for a full month, until a 3-D-a-palooza the day after the Big Game Trademarked By The National Football League), I join Alan in heartily recommending Burn Notice as a substitute, having devoured basically the entire first season in a matter of days. The tale of spy Michael Westen, who's sort of a much more violence-willing MacGyver, who gets inexplicably blacklisted by his employer and left to fend for himself in Miami with the help of his ex-girlfriend, a former IRA operative whose motto is "shoot first, and ask questions about our relationship during or immediately after" and his old spying buddy, played by Bruce Campbell in full Bruce Campbell mode (also, discuss--is Nathan Fillion the new Bruce Campbell?), is seriously solid stuff--funny, smart, suspenseful. Verdict's out on whether all the rules of spying in Southern California also apply to Miami spying, though at least some seem to.

Season 1 is available and reasonably priced on DVD, and the final few episodes of Season 2 begin airing in a few weeks on USA, which I'm sure will constantly rerun them.

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