Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RESOLVED -- ALL POST-ELIMINATION NEW PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD RECEIVE A WADE ROBSON ROUTINE THEIR FIRST WEEK TOGETHER: The open was interesting for the amount of channeling that was going on. Molleee: Norma Desmond. Kevin: Twitch. Channing; Kristen Bell. Jakob: Sark. After that, plenty to like fine, but not so much to lurve.

  • Above all, Adam Shankman. Funny, substantive, mercifully free of punny witticisms. Willing to pratfall mightily. And to cite historical choreography.
  • Legacy and Kathryn. Geesebump.
  • Ellenore's refusal to get thrown by a severe wardrobe malfunction. I was more thrown than she was -- couldn't pay attention to the tango whatsoever.
  • Karen and Kevin body shop hippity hop. Who knew that Tabitha and Napoleon still had the dirty in them?
  • Wade's bizarro mind. Discarded Starry Night characters coming back to haunt Van Gogh?
  • Cat's dress. Not a lot of people can successfully wear a flesh-colored dress.
  • The Tyce gospel number. I agree that it got kind of rote toward the end, but it started strong (particularly Bianca - grr) and I thought the judges were unduly negative.
  • Ashleigh and Sark's Viennese waltz. Very sweet and smoochy. I wonder whether choreographers in future weeks will heed Shankman's admonition not to put Sark's split leap into every single number or Nigel's request that the leap appear weekly.
  • This show falls all over itself to worship at the shrine of Bollywood. It wasn't that good.
  • The painfulness of the Channing/Phillip samba.
  • Shut up about Paula.
  • The female ouster.
  • Why does everyone always feel a need to say "but you're a LATIN dancer" to explain why Latin dancers, more than any other genre of dancers of the show, shouldn't be able to do anything outside the scope of salsa and samba? And why is the Argentine Tango not a Latin dance? Am I missing something in the definition of Latin?

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