Friday, November 6, 2009

STILL IT WOULD PROBABLY MAKE A GREAT MASH-UP WITH "BOY IN THE BUBBLE": Buried in this Times of London article listing "70 Facts You Didn't Know about Marvel Comics" is this amazing little-known fact at No. 29:
Paul Simon wrote the lyrics and theme song to the Sixties Spider-man cartoon as a favour to head of the ABC network. Because he didn't want to be associated with kiddie material, he asked that the music be credited to his old stage name, Jerry Landis.
Paul Simon, one of pop music's greatest lyricists is responsible for the iconic line "Is he strong? Listen, Bud!/He's got radioactive blood"? Umm, maybe not so much. While Simon did write and record a bunch of songs in the '60s under the Landis name, the famous Spider-Man theme features lyrics by Oscar-winner Paul Francis Webster and music by Bob Harris.

'Nuff said.

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