Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IT WOULDN'T BE TOO SURPRISING IF ADAM DURITZ'S PEA-SIZED BRAIN WAS 85% DREADLOCKS, 10% WATER, AND 5% ACTRESS PHONE NUMBERS: The Village Voice (remember them?) ranks the 50 Worst Songs of the Aughts, a list it claims is topped (bottomed?) by the Counting Crows/Vanessa Carlton cover of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi." Why? Here's part of it:
Let us speak right into whichever of Duritz's ears doesn't have a cockily tipped wool hat over it. Adam, we don't know if you misunderstood the song's anti-globalization, anti-industrialization, anti-corporation message, or just chose to ignore it so you could get free Frappucinos for life. But we're gonna hip you to a harsh reality. Seriously, you know the line about how they "paved paradise and put up a parking lot?" Like how they replaced something beautiful with something cold and heartless and commercial? That's you. You're the parking lot, motherf**ker. You drove your shitty steamroller over something everyone loved so you could pander your sensitive pussyhound whine to people waiting in line at the Carl's Jr. They paved Nirvana and put up a Counting Crow. Argh!
added: Gang, I didn't say I agreed with the list, though I'm going to be a fan of anything that snarks on Sideshow Duritz. So, what is the Worst Song of the Aughts, then?

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