Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TOWARD A GRAND UNIFIED THEORY OF POP CULTURE: As I've mentioned, I'm well behind on Mad Men, and am wrapping up the first season DVD--one disc to go! Admittedly, I know certain key arcs already (the big Peggy reveal in Season 1, and the gist of what happened at the end of Season 3 both at work and at home for Don), so things that might have been subtle and/or shocking (e.g., the remarks about Peggy gaining weight and her skirt not fitting) get a bit anvil-y. However, I have developed the following principle--the quality of an episode of Mad Men, is typically inversely proportional to the amount of screen time and dialogue January Jones has in it. Seriously, "suburbia in the 50/60s is a quiet repressed hell" is a pretty dry well by now, but the advertising stuff is seriously fascinating.

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