Thursday, July 29, 2010

YEP, I'M GONE: Ellen DeGeneres has quit American Idol; new judges (2? 3? 4?) to be announced on Monday. This was a failed experiment, and I'm glad it's over. Sepinwall agrees.

ETA from Matt: Nikki Finke reports that Jennifer Lopez will replace Ellen (and Kara?) and that while they wanted Elton John to replace Simon Cowell, they couldn't work it out, and an offer may be out to Steven Tyler to fill that seat.


  1. Joseph J. Finn10:17 PM

    Good for you, Ellen!  Run while you still can!

  2. StvMg8:12 AM

    Did she run, or was she pushed? I'm glad Ellen's gone, but I'm upset with the reports that Kara is out as well. After a rought first season, Kara was the only judge worth watching this past year. Why keep Randy and force out Kara?

  3. I agree. I'm not a huge Kara fan, but she offered way more constructive criticism than Randy.

    Not really sure how down I am with the idea of Jenny from the block as one of the judges. Steven Tyler, OK, maybe. But J-Lo? Meh. I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll watch next season.

    Would have liked NPH as a judge, but I guess he probably doesn't have the time what with HIMYM.

  4. girard319:31 AM

    I think by Monday all the judges will be gone and we'll have a new panel. I feel it is the beginning of the end for Idol.

  5. I'd definitely prefer keeping Kara to Randy.  Dawg.

    I liked JLo fine the week that she was a mentor on Idol, so she may be okay as a judge.  I have no real thoughts on Steven Tyler as a judge.

    Please, no more Randy!  I picked him as the judge I most wanted to lose eons ago---if he's the only one to survive the purge, I'll be really disappointed.

  6. Steven Tyler would be good, I think.  I keep hearing that Jessica Simpson is has been in talks, too, and THAT would be a disaster IMHO.

  7. I agree with you on Jessica Simpson. It seems like a desperate attempt to recreate Paula's flightiness on the judging panel.

  8. Bob in SA4:14 PM

    I thought Nigel from SYTYCD was replacing Simon.  If Jessica Simpson comes on board, she wouold be replacing Paula Abdul.

  9. Jenn.4:45 PM

    Linda Holmes on Idol judgery.