Monday, November 15, 2010

YOU CAN SEE EVERY DETAIL OF THE OX BREAKING: Look, this season of TAR has been less than stellar (generally boring teams, no really fascinating challenges, and a couple of teams that have been pretty dominant). But next season will be in HD, which means, at a minimum, that things are going to look a lot shinier.


  1. Marsha5:39 PM

    I feel better now. I just got a new HDTV, first time I've ever had one. So I've Tivo'd the last few weeks of TAR from the HD channel, because I thought it was already in HD. I've been totally disappointed, as I couldn't see any difference between the non-HD and the HD. Now I know that that's because THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!!!

  2. Heather K5:47 PM

    I thought that there was really no difference, until we all of a sudden got actual HD cable with our all new HD tivo (which was about 11 months after we got the HD tv) and it was lovely.  I cannot wait for the HD TAR!!

  3. bella wilfer5:48 PM

    Best subject line ever.

  4. Joseph J. Finn6:06 PM

    And to think I would have gone with something about the watermelon.  (Back...and to the left.  Back...and to the left.)

  5. On last night: true redemption arc or did you just feel kinda sick at the end?

    And I will continue to hate the lack of airport creativity demonstrated by the teams, and wish that the forced bunch/separation of teams post-flight were a bit more consequential.

  6. Professor Jeff6:51 PM

    Just felt kinda sick.  Did the casting folks at TAR really intend to have not one, not two, but three couples featuring overbearing, condescending, obnoxious douchebags?  It feels like we spend every episode telling our kids (especially our daughter), "Don't ever let anyone treat you like that!"

  7. lauri7:27 PM

    definitely sick.  i couldn't agree with professor jeff more...

  8. lisased8:42 PM

    I still have the "My ox is broken!" shirt from Glarkware. Oh Colin. How i laughed at you.

  9. Hannah Lee10:45 PM

    Just kinda sick.

    It can't be coincidence that TAR keeps coming up with these abusive racers, and having 3 couples with that dynamic these season just drags the show down.   It's one thing to have the stress of a bad day break down otherwise normal people, but these guys act like it's their normal demeanor.

    Plus, I'm over the HOO and airport bunches; there are too many and it keeps the racers (and the race) from ever getting any real momentum.

  10. Hannah Lee11:33 PM

    Oh, RE: the original topic I'm excited for TAR: HD because, well, it'll be very pretty.

  11. The Pathetic Earthling9:47 AM

    I cannot distinguish the two non-tattooed couples, at all.

  12. Genevieve10:22 AM

    Given that I've spent all the last few episodes hoping that she's learned how this guy would treat her any time in their lives something goes wrong, and that the season would end with her dumping him, no, it was not a redemption arc.

    Also, worst leg I remember seeing, ever.  (Though I've only been around a few seasons.)  Seriously, filling a water tank, which seemed in no way difficult, was the task?  Maybe the soup would've been interesting, at least a chance to learn about some wedding customs, but no one chose it.  If getting lost at the beginning of the leg is completely determinative because there's really no way to make up time, it's a bad leg.