Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WEDNESDAY MORNING, 3 A.M. (EXPERIMENTAL INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT EDITION): Hey. Got 10 minites? How about 8 minutes and 53 seconds? If you're still up, man, there's no reason not to give it that much longer.

First, open this DJ QBert YouTube scratch freestyle in a new tab, but just for the audio (no need to watch DJ QBert throw down at this time). Then, while he works over Kool G Rap, go here, and scroll down through the cornucopia of variously compelling artworks, faster or slower as interest dictates.

Mabye click some links. Maybe read some of the titles. Ponder the pretty pictures. Relaxen und watchen das blinkenlichten. Waxin' and milkin' all of y'all squareheads. Mmmm... that's good internets!

Sweet dreams, sleepy people.


  1. patricia7:12 PM

    I finally had time to do just this, and THANK YOU for the link to  So, so awesome.  DJ QBert was good too, of course.  But that site is going in the rotation for me.

  2. Thanks Patricia, I felt self-indulgent sharing this but did so because I've been so amazed by the content at butdoesitfloat.  I still have it open, in fact, and when I need a break I go back to that window and scroll a little, read a little, maybe search some of the artists or writers that pop-out at me, etc. 

    What works so well I think is that it is both a superficial pleasure or a moment's distraction and an access point to so much rich and more significant cultural content.  Probably museum science types would scorn the idea of a "well-curated" web site, but that's what I'd call it.