Friday, May 6, 2011

A MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND TRADITION UNLIKE ANY OTHER:  Yes, it's University of Chicago Scav Hunt weekend, and here's the 2011 list.  Highlights:

  • Re-cut Disney's The Lion King into a sub- five minute video that summarizes all ve seasons of The Wire. [15 points]
  • The most evil thing you can build using the only the parts and materials included with one IKEA item. [15 points]
  • A Congressional Medal of Honor. [25 points, 25 points for bringing the recipient too]
  • An XFL jersey. [20.01 points]
  • In 1961, a Soviet surgeon stationed in Antarctica removed his own appendix. This year, we will perform a far more difficult maneuver. Lying on your back with a game of Operation on your chest, remove all twelve organs without setting the buzzer o more than five times. Be sure to have an attending Judge present in the operating room when this feat is attempted. [18 points]
  • Dan Lacey has created his incredible tribute to Barack Obama riding a unicorn. But why don't the Republicans ever get any love? Bring us a painting of Dick Cheney, naked, riding a Kraken. [12 points]
  • An e-mail from Steve Jobs to a team member, dated after List Release. [10 points]


  1. "Props. All props must be mad props."

  2. The annual release of this list, more than any other thing I think, makes me wish to be back in college.

  3. bella wilfer5:04 PM

    I would LOVE to see the Lion King/Wire one attempted.  Seriously. (Also, totally agree with Steph.)

  4. lisased11:04 PM

    Someday I will witness this.

  5. Roger1:49 PM

    It looks like it's been taken down, but last week before the list release they posted a warm-up list that was basically 80 bin Laden jokes.

  6. Marsha10:08 PM

    An email went around to all my students on Friday that just said, "If you want to see some really big cats, a lion and a tiger are on the Midway. (In cages.) Don't know how long they'll be there."

    I LOVE Scav Hunt.

  7. lisased11:05 AM

    Search YouTube for "Scav11". They're posting a bunch of the items, including "The Wire King".

  8. BoingBoing just posted a link to the best video, acccording to one of the organizers: