Sunday, May 1, 2011

SHAKE THE GNOME, NOT YOUR BODY:  Well, that was a bit confusing of an hour of Racing tonight -- a seemingly fatal mistake in Detour options (or execution), a seemingly fatal swiping of someone else's gnome bottom (you'll see it and understand), and a seemingly fatally inadequate penalty for a rather egregious violation of race rules.  And yet ... well, I'll have to go below the fold to spoil the drama of speedy chocolate painting. (Thanks, Captain Obvious.)

WOOT!  Buh-bye, Kent! (And Vyxsin.)  I was shocked, given the edit, that Zev and Justin weren't further behind after the Detour given how long it took them to rescue their severed avalanche dummy.  Also, back in season 3, the penalty for cab-when-you-should-have-walked was thirty minutes plus time gained, so I was fretting that Z&J couldn't make up the time needed when the Goths doth ignore the rules.  Phew. Didn't matter. Kent's whiny ass goes home. Onto the two-hour finale.


  1. So excited that Kent is gone.  Fantastic shot of the two of them standing there bickering when K&J zoomed by.  I'd really thought that with K&J going to the wrong place, that K&V were going to slip back in.

    I'm still really confused by the Gnome thing.  Didn't someone HAVE to have cheated intentionally?  At that point there should have only been 8 painted halves.  That should have been obvious to everyone.  So where did Flight Time's go, that there didn't end up being a 9th half laying around?  My wife and I were baffled that the answer to the mystery wasn't revealed.  Unless it was lost in the freezer, the only other option was that someone simply didn't do there own 2nd half and took Flight's.  Did we miss something?

  2. The Pathetic Earthling1:10 AM

    Alas, preempted with news events from a county that TAR has yet to go to.

  3. Meghan4:38 AM

    Kent and Vyxsin didn't gain time, though. They left the roadblock first and arrived on the mat third. Either way, Kent was so horrible this episode. It was another episode that I hope it was humiliating for him to have to watch.

  4. Heather K12:18 PM

    Seriously so RELIEVED to have them finally FINALLY gone! And Vyxsin's I am taking the best team member with me drivel at the end made me want to throw something at her.  UGH!

    But I like all the remaining teams (well Mallory is something else, but I do love Gary), so this will be quite the finale. 

  5. BIANCA2:19 PM

    <p><span>I found some of Kent's comments and posturing to be racist. People's true colors come out in times of stress. </span></p>

  6. Marsha5:55 PM

    Is that why he is eye-meltingly pink?

  7. spacewoman11:22 PM

    I just love Justin.  He had me in his first race for his patient love of Zev, but his shoutout to his 12 year old sister was just all win.  What a nice guy.

    Also, I'm not even ashamed to admit that I actually like Mallory.  She's cheerful and upbeat and, especially for a beauty queen, not afraid to get dirty or look stupid.  I'd be happy with any of the remaining teams winning.

  8. Genevieve9:23 AM

    I missed the shout-out to his sister - what did he say?  And yes, love Justin and also Zev.  Do they have the most wins by far, with their four first-places?  I woudn't have guessed them to be contenders, which I think was underestimating their strength in the physical tasks.

  9. I think Zev and Justin have to be viewed as a frontrunner if they make it into the final leg, since there's almost invariably a memory puzzle at the end about prior race tasks.  They'll be very good at that on their own merits, and the other teams have not shown themselves to be particularly strong at puzzle challenges (the Trotters have proven particularly hapless at them).  They just have to finish not last in the next leg, which, given that the teams were apparently closely spaced coming in and we have a bunching coming up, would seem a safe bet.