Wednesday, September 21, 2011

YES, THEY DON'T LIKE HEARING IT AND FIND IT DIFFICULT TO SAY, WHEREAS WITHOUT BATTING AN EYE A MAN WILL REFER TO HIS DICK OR HIS ROD OR HIS JOHNSON: Apparently not any more, Maude: the new fall tv season chock full of people saying the word "vagina."


  1. Alan Sepinwall8:29 AM


  2. Charles Carmicheal9:09 AM

    Somehow we went from "Down There" to "The Vagina Monologues" to baldly unabashed wide open Vagtalk in the blink of an eye, OK 40 years.

    Merkin styling has changed apace with the verbal relaxing.

  3. Jim Bell9:20 AM

    Porn tells me that they are all hairless now unless you are a fetishist of some stripe.  Get it, stripe?

  4. Ya, I've noticed this.  It wasn't more than ten seconds into '2 Broke Girls' before someone said "vagina."  Of course, that was MILD compared to some of the other stuff in that episode.  I'm not a prude, and I'm not easily offended by raunchy humor.  But I gotta say, there was one joke in particular that grossed me out so much that I'm still sort of shuddering about it days later. 

  5. Watched 2 Broke Girls. Won't be back unless someone tells me to try again.

    It made me think about how often I think most series would be well advised to never actually air the pilot. It's usually so much worse than the series, even with just a few episodes of growth to better define voice and character. And they tend to push their points to a hyper degree . . . as if it must be a louder version of itself so those making decisions can quickly get What It's About.

  6. Marsha1:45 PM

    In the interest of equal time, we have to take note of last night's Parks and Rec.