Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'M EDWARD KIMBERLY, THE RECLUSE BROTHER OF MY SISTER ANTHEA: NYMag supercuts memorable cross-dressing reveals in film history, and since it includes the one from The Crying Game, it may not be safe for your office.


  1. Jordan1:49 PM

    What office might it be safe for?

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    One where the monitor faces a solid back wall.


  3. Tosy and Cosh3:35 PM

    I once went on a job interview at Swank magazine (think less-classy version of Hustler). (The wanted ad in the paper only indicated that it was an entry-level editiorial job at a magazine - I ended up leaving partway through the interview, after the prooreading test of a porn star's weekly sex column). I suspect that's an office it would be safe in.

  4. Jordan4:23 PM

    I imagine the style guide must have been something else:

    *When referring to a specific sexual act, always capitalize, though never for specific positions
    *A performer should be listed by first and last name on first reference, and by first name only on all subsequent references
    *Reacharound is <span>one</span> word