Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HAIL PROMETHEUS: I've never seen anyone try to steal fire on Survivor before, so that was cool.

What do we have in Survivor: One World Is Enough For All Of Probst?  Tyrion Lannister, a bunch of buff guys strutting around shirtless and in jeans like they're on Team Jacob, chicken-chasing (complete with jolly banjo music), and Colton -- The Gayest Gay Man In The History Of Survivor, and he will quip you faster than Taylor Swift flashes her Surprised face.

I am digging the structure of the show so far, and especially the Hantzlessness.  We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, Linda Holmes suggests some rules for winning Survivor (a few of us are in the comments there), and a bunch of Survivor alums go to that Northwestern class to share secrets.


  1. Maggie11:25 PM

    I like the format so far (same beach is cool) but I'm not sure I can deal with weeks of frat guys strutting around talking about how conniving and stupid and weak and whatever the women are. And vice versa from the women.

  2. Gleemonex1:16 PM

    Oh, SHATNER, you said it, Maggie. That was enough to turn good old regular-person feminist me into a Man-Hating Feminazi Misandrist Killjoy (TM). "Gimme one of them chickuns YOU CAUGHT ALL BY YOURSELF, woman. And then cook it for me! Because you're a girl! Haw haw haw white male privilege yeeeeehaaaaa!" 


    Uggggh. Why did they have to cast all the people who were too damaged and weird from OTHER casting sessions all at once in this one? I mean, I'm assuming that's how they did it. 

    And that awful challenge -- Mr. Gleemonex said, the second he saw it: "Somebody's gonna break their wrist on this." And not a minute later ... first broken bone in Survivor history. Whoever was responsible for that one ought to be fired immediately. 

  3. Gleemonex1:34 PM

    Also: Tyrion Lannister! Ha! 

  4. bella wilfer2:21 PM

    Tyrion seems like kind of a bad-ass.  Excited to get to know him more.  Thought it was a good start to the season despite the fizzle-out at the end due to Kourtney's injury.  I wonder if Probst was ACTUALLY saying "land on your back, jump with your arms crossed" that many times or if that was recorded and slotted in after the injury...?