Friday, May 4, 2012

WE'RE NOT UP AGAINST EACH OTHER, WE'RE UP AGAINST THE DICTIONARY: We're less than four weeks away from the start of the Scripps National Spelling Bee and our tenth liveblogging thereof, so let's check in with this year's two members of the Five-Timers Club: Nicholas Rushlow (favorite word: bhutatathata); and Rahul Malayappan, who blogs with his father about spelling here. Your full list of returning spellers, siblings and the like is here.


  1. As an aside, I'm sorry Jimmy Kimmel fumbled his Scripps joke at the WH Correspondent's Dinner.  I liked it, but I don't think people heard it well.

  2. My favorite post of the year - the first inking of the Bee to come.

  3. bill.7:11 PM

    2 bee notes.

    The local high school just put on The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I have the soundtrack, but hadn't seen the play. They left in the gay dads, Jesus, and some other innuendo; however, "My Unfortunate Erection" was changed to "My Unfortunate Affliction" and erection was never spoken. Though it was quite obvious that affliction meant erection. Crowd loved the show.

    My child won her class spelling bee and was in the school bee in January. We were given an official giant word list to study and the bee took place in front of the entire student body. She loves an audience, so that was great. Lasted a few rounds -- not the first one out -- and had a good time. Looked like she enjoyed being the first one bust out "can you use it in a sentence?" Winner got a dictionary. Like a spelling bee winner doesn't already have one.