Friday, October 19, 2012

DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE READ?  Somewhat surprisingly and fairly quietly, Universal has put the shooting script for Les Miserables on the web.  The site also indicates that they have faith in This Is 40, with the script up for that as well (Apatow films notably change a lot from script to shoot to edit, but it gives you some idea).


  1. Adam B.5:32 PM

    JINX. You beat me by five minutes. My draft:

    THE MEN START TO CIRCLE EACH OTHER. THEY SING AT THE SAME TIME, DUELLING IN SONG (P. 40): Universal Pictures has published its screenplay for Les Misérables, if you're into that sort of thing. Broadway World readers are discussing the changes from the stage version, and in addition to the adding, subtracting, and shuffling there's some new material courtesy of ... Victor Hugo.

  2. So I saw. Also of interest, Universal isn't making any awards pitch at all on the site for Savages, Man With The Iron Fists, or Pitch Perfect, all of which could arguably be at least screenplay competitors. Nor is there a section for Battleship, which could be a tech contender. There is a section for Snow White and the Huntsman, entirely devoted to tech pushing, a section for The Lorax (basically just trying to get it into the field for Animated Feature), and a section for Ted (including the laughable suggestion of nominating Mila Kunis for Best Actress).

  3. As long as they slice out the Waterloo and convent sections, I'm all good.

  4. Adam B.7:46 PM

    One review:
    People, if the film’s execution is half as intelligent as what we’re seeing here, we’re getting something new and we’re getting something good.Several moments of narrative sloppiness that audiences let slide on stage are gone. Characters get reworked lines and entire new verses to explain their motivations. The song order is shuffled. If you show up to the theater hoping for a chance for a big-screen TAC singalong, you’re going to be seriously disappointed.But if you’re a novel fan, you’re going to be over the moon....
    In short: there are plenty of changes, but none of them are gratuitous. They are clearly done with great respect for the source material and create a story with a more coherent narrative and message. I’m knocking on wood, and perhaps more nervous than ever, but if the film is as good as it’s shaping up to be, I think it’s going to be the best, most compelling presentation of Hugo’s work that we’ve ever seen.

  5. Alan Sepinwall6:12 PM

    Script link no longer works, it seems.

  6. Yep, they've pulled it, though haven't pulled This is 40 yet.