Monday, October 15, 2012

FROM OUR PURPLE AND ORANGE DESK:  Dunkin' Donuts is attempting to trademark the name Bagel Bunchkin for a new food offering. It is unclear what the product will taste like, or whether the trademark application will be successful.


  1. The application was filed back in January, and covers "bite size bagel pieces." They've been refused registration on the basis of a registration for THE BAGEL BUNCH for "bagels," and I can see the owner of a registration for BUNCHKINS for fresh fruits having a problem with them here.

  2. Jordan7:52 PM

    I used to work next to a Dunkin Donuts and since we started work at 7:30am, you can imagine we went there a lot. Every month they would have a different promotion of some new product--usually breakfast related--that would be gone the next month. So they must go through a lot of patents. I get the desire for product synergy, but I'm sure they'd do fine with Bagel Holes.

  3. andrewraff8:00 PM

    For the love of all that is holey, Dunkin' Donuts, either please stop selling your "bagels" or at least try to make real bagels. Bagels are not simply round bread, they also have a certain density and chewiness.