Friday, October 26, 2012

POOCHIE'D: Responding to fan complaints, The Good Wife is going to shorten the originally planned long term Kalinda/Nick plot arc.  Particularly with Parenthood making a strong play for the title of "best network drama" right now, this seems a wise call.


  1. Adam B.8:22 PM

    Yay! More time for David Lee!

  2. Chefgirl1:51 AM

    Poor Marc Warren. He's just about my favorite character actor...I've seen TONS of his British telly and film work going back nearly 20 years. But he's had a bad 12 months, career-wise. I was super-lucky to see him starring in a new stage adaptation of Cool Hand Luke in London last year...lucky because the play closed two months early.

    Have an idea of how they can quickly get rid of Nick, tho'. Find him a nice boy to pair off with. Marc's proven before that he can crank up the homoerotic vaavaa-boom quite as well as Archie and her ladies: Here's proof:

  3. Watts1:11 PM

    Yeah, I like Marc Warren, too. Hope this doesn't completely thwart an American career for him. (Hustle doesn't count because it wasn't produced here, even if AMC did air the first few seasons)