Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BUT DOES THEIR CLAIM EXTEND TO "AND MANY MORE, ON CHANNEL 4?"  Creative Commons has had it with the Estate of Mildred and Patty Hill and their copyright claims to "Happy Birthday" and has created a contest to come up with a new song to replace it.  Notably, Sorkin and Sports Night were years ahead of the curve.


  1. Watts9:41 PM

    And here's where I admit to consorting with evangelical Christians back in the day - and that's how I've heard one alternate second verse which goes:
    Happy birthday to you
    Once born will not do
    Twice born means salvation
    Happy birthday to you.

    Personally, I like my father's birthday song - it's a dirge-like rhythm with easy to remember words:
    Happy birthday, Happy birthday
    One year closer to death
    Happy birthday

  2. Put the accent and raise to the subdominant on "day," not "birth." Totally different song. Still, if "Happy Birthday" persists despite the copyright, then it stands to reason that particular tune adds value. I don't think this intrusion into the content world is appropriate to Creative Commons' mission -- they already offer licenses to new songs, most of which probably infringe subconsciously or otherwise. (I've been trying to write a new Monday Night Football song, but the only thing that ever comes out is "Are you ready for some football!")

  3. Roger2:21 AM

    I always liked Weird Al's version:

  4. girard316:32 PM

    I do not remember a laugh rack on Sports Night. It didn't seem right.

  5. girard316:32 PM

    *Laugh track. I'm not sure what a laugh rack is, but I'll bet it's funny.

  6. The laugh track was in about the first 10 episodes. Sorkin/Schlamme fought it hard, but at the time, the idea of doing a half hour show without a laugh track was so completely foreign that they lost the fight.