Friday, January 4, 2013

SO THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE HOVERBOARDS:  New York Magazine raises some difficult questions about the news priorities and journalistic integrity of the Hill Valley Telegraph.  Still unaddressed?  How a single municipality in California could legalize gambling without need for action at the state level.


  1. Last month, the hoverboard (replicas) did come out, and apparently lack of flight is the least of its troubles:

  2. Adam B.11:52 AM


    The first movie's about establishing the universe, focusing on the teens.

    The second movie expands its worldview and looks deeper into local industry (gaming)

    The third movie's about a new Wild West type environment that some hope could last forever.

    The fourth and fifth movies, still unmade, were supposed to be an exploration of the failings of Hill Valley Middle School, and of the Hill Valley Telegraph, respectively.

  3. Of course, many of the themes were first addressed on Zemeckis's edgy network television drama "OUTATIME: Life Above the Street."

  4. bellawilfer3:11 PM

    I cannot hit the "up" button hard enough. Now I would like an entire essay on how the BTTF series is the inspiration for The Wire.

  5. Jordan10:37 PM

    I laughed, but they've clearly never read or worked with local papers. I used to have a job that consisted mainly of trying to convince papers to write about [whatever]. The local ones never bit, no matter how important an issue I was pitching. One-on-one interview with someone making national news? Pass. Snowman Built on Hill? Above the fold headline. Some of these "nothing" stories even seem big for local papers.