Monday, February 25, 2013

WELL, IT'S NOT A WORSE IDEA THAN THE JAY LENO SHOW:  The last successful variety show on prime time network TV is arguably In Living Color, with a succession of recent flops (Rosie Live!) but is Maya Rudolph the one to revive the format?


  1. Adam B.3:10 PM

    I would watch this show.

    Are we counting Whose Line Is It Anyway? as a successful network variety show? Eight seasons, 220 episodes.

  2. Adlai3:48 PM

    I did watch the hell out of the Mandrell Sisters show in the 1970s, so why not.

  3. She did an excellent version of Goldfinger last night.

  4. bill.5:26 PM

    I would watch this and hope that every episode starts with a number by Princess. Though I also think the couple episodes of the "Paula Poundstone Show" that somehow made it to broadcast are the apex of the variety show, so YMMV, etc.It's gotta be more pleasant than the black plague."

    Of the things I learned today, I did not know that Maya Rudolph was Minnie Riperton's daughter.

  5. isaac_spaceman6:42 PM

    What differentiates a competition show like America's Got Talent from a variety show? Continuity of performers? Not disagreeing with anything; just asking.