Friday, March 1, 2013

IF YOU'RE DR. JACQUES BAILLY, NO NEED TO CLICK ON THE LINK:  11 foodie words you may be mispronouncing.


  1. Randy3:25 PM

    A more general foodie sort of complaint: stop calling them haricots verts. THEY ARE GREEN BEANS.

    Another foodie sort of complaint: man, that Top Chef finale bit the big one, hunh? No complaints about the winner, but the format was terrible.

  2. Or "how to be right, but annoy those around you." For some reason, when Joe Bastianich corrects people's pronunciations, my rankles go up (I'm pretty sure Robin and I have already discussed this sensation.)

    Agreed, Randy: There is no reason to be all French about green beans.

    Also agreed -- that finale was confused about what Top Chef is. I like it much better when the contestants are judged not just on the quality of their food, but the roundness of their entire meal. Here, we've got the stress of what, 200 portions, combined with a sudden-death elimination? It's everything every other Top Chef finale hasn't been. Very disappointing, even though I was perfectly happy with the entrants and the result.

  3. Watts4:52 PM

    Yay! I was actually pronouncing a few of them correctly (Credit film class for knowing how to say "noir.")

    I must admit, though, that no amount of correction will ever get me to stay "Prix Fixe" in any way that doesn't rhyme with "Rick's Bricks"

  4. I will assume Florida's proximity to Louisiana has allowed me to be pronouncing muffaletta correctly all this time. Also, living in LA, I've only ever heard horchata pronounced correctly. I feel like maybe this dude needs to get out of the house a little more.

  5. isaac_spaceman8:18 PM

    If you say "boo-fay" and French is not your first language, you deserve to be punched in the gravy boat. There are a lot of words that come into the English language as foreign words but eventually acquire an acceptable Americanized pronunciation. If you say "PAR-iss" instead of "pah-REE," you are not pronouncing it wrong. You are not doing it wrong if you pronounce the "nt" in "restaurant" or if you sleep on a "FOO-ton" instead of a "fton" (actually, you are doing it wrong if you are a grown up and you sleep on one of those, but it has nothing to do with your pronunciation). If you correct a person who puts a hard "g" at the front of guacamole, you are just an asshole. Why are you an asshole? Stop being such an asshole.

    And by the way, these transliterations seem pretty loose to me. This whole article is pretty Ted Mosby.

  6. isaac_spaceman8:23 PM

    Would you like your burrito with haricots noirs or haricots voitures mauvais?

  7. Marsha10:21 AM

    This reminds me of the time on a class trip when (in Philadelphia) I ordered a veal parmigiana hero and ended up with a veal parmigiana dinner and a gyro.

  8. Is that "Moss-bee" or "Moez-bee"?