Monday, April 29, 2013

I'M IN:  What I can say about the season four finale of The Good Wife, without spoiling, is that the two key decisions the creators made are ones which are borne of confidence.  The tracking polls were not good for the first part of this season, but after this last-minute surge I am giddy about what's next.

[N.B. Please leave emergency election court proceedings to lawyers experienced in election law. Please?]

One quote, from a spoiler-filled interview with the Kings, after the fold:

I think Matt Czuchry probably has not been as well served by our show as his talents deserve. Next year, obviously you're going to see Matt more at the center of what's going on.... Matt has always been off by his own in the state's attorney's office, or he's just been on the out. He's going to be kicking ass this year.


  1. Can we discuss last night's episode with spoilers in the comments?

  2. Ah - missed that line. Although could Alicia have meant it either as, "We'll stay here for my career and so as not to uproot your lives" OR as, "I'm not going to be married to your father after this election, so we won't need to move."?

  3. Especially in states where the capitol is not the principal city, it's not uncommon for the Governor to have secondary housing beyond the Governor's mansion. Cuomo lives most of the time in Chappaqua, not in Albany.

  4. Randy1:58 PM

    Remember when Matt Czuchry was Annoying But Tolerable on Gilmore Girls? I mean, Logan was certainly a step up from Tristin and (shudder) Jess, but still. If you had told me that, 7 years later, I'd be positively giddy about Czuchry having a front-and-center role in season five of the classiest drama on network TV, well, I'd have been skeptical.

  5. Stevie11:11 PM

    Not that Peter wants to follow his example, but Blagojevich worked out of Chicago for the most part, I think. So in Chicago at least, the precedent has been set.

  6. Tosy and Cosh9:42 AM

    I'm very impressed by the earlier head fake - when the promoting 4th-years to partner stuff first came up and Alicia and Cary first discussed jumping ship I thought about how great it would be for them at their own firm for the show, and then they made it seem like the status quo was too important, that of course Alicia wouldn't leave. So kudos there.

  7. Emily1:39 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of the episode, but I thought it was pretty obvious from Alicia's frustration with the partners throughout the season--questioning their decisions, her sympathy for the assistants, annoyance with being sent to do their dirty work--that she would end up leaving with Cary.

    I think the Will/Alicia/Peter question was left up in the air. She could have left to get away from Will or to remove work as a block to their relationship. I don't think they'll resolve the triangle anytime soon, especially since it's pretty clear that Peter hasn't changed. I'm less interested in where that will go next season and more intrigued by how Kalinda will respond when she finds out that Alicia went with Cary. I could see a pretty pissed off Kalinda/Will combo going after Alicia/Cary. Will is poised to have a lonely time of it next season.