Wednesday, May 1, 2013

YOUR AWARD IS BEHIND DOOR NUMBER 1, 2, OR 3? With the networks down to 4 Soap Operas and the show relegated to HLN this year, the Daytime Emmys are of questionable relevance, but a few notes from the nominations list:
  • Ann Curry is nominated as part of the anchor team for Today for Best Morning Program, which also gives us Emmy nominees Mo Rocca and Serena Altschul as part of the CBS Sunday Morning team.
  • While not nominated for Best Game Show, Funny or Die Presents Billy On The Street is nominated for Best Game Show Host (over Viera and Carey).
  • David Tennant gets a first Emmy nomination for his voice work on Clone Wars (I believe he was ineligible for Doctor Who, since it's a BBC production without US involvement, while coproductions like Downton Abbey and Sherlock are eligible).
  • Ziggy Marley (multiple Grammy winner) is up for an original song Emmy, as is Sheryl Crow.
  • Game show legends Monty Hall and Bob Stewart get lifetime achievement awards.


  1. Sound Mixing is the only nomination for Young Justice, one of the best animated shows on TV? Just another kick in the teeth after Cartoon Network abandoned it.

  2. Adam B.10:10 PM

    The fake-Marina iteration of Fresh Beat Band received several noms. Nominated for voice work? Curtis "Booger" Armstrong.

  3. Oddly, Booger is about third on my list of "Curtis Armstrong in the 1980's" reference list, behind Charles in Better Off Dead and Viola in Moonlighting.

  4. sconstant9:27 AM

    1253163561 reactions, it said on my view, though now it says 1.

    I have now learned about SciGirls and that it is free on iTunes. Will check it out with relevant demo in my family.

    Kevin Clash nominated all over the place, including as outstanding performer for Elmo.

  5. I still think of him as the moonlighting guy too. Love that Theme song. past me was so hot for Cybil.

  6. Kind of on topic, I watched the rebooted "All My Children" on Hulu last night. It's different but not by much. The half hour format was a good idea and fast forwarding five years from the series finale on ABC gives it some room to introduce new characters. No Erica Kane (which is fine) but lots of David Canary, which is always a good thing. As before, I'll continue watching it until they cancel it.