Wednesday, June 19, 2013

QUESTION ONE IS WRONG BECAUSE BEN REVERE NEVER MAKES IT TO SECOND BASE. COME ON: A ten-question baseball rules quiz from Jayson Stark. (I scored 3/10; among active players, 4 was the mode and 5 the median, while managers ranged from 5-9 points.)


  1. I had a miserable 4/10 and am still annoyed about messing up the infield fly rule quite so badly (especially because, as one Deadspin commenter noted, it's explained in depth in Deep Space Nine episode. Really.)

  2. Jordan3:09 PM

    Well I did not do well, but at least I answered questions at a higher rate than I hit curveballs.

    I was talking to a friend of mine about Ben Revere yesterday and we figure he's suffering from a bad case of first impressions. He had a lousy first month after changing teams, but his line since May 1st is .322/.360/.366 with 12 SB, making him pretty much the best OF who change teams this offseason in that period.

  3. Marsha3:31 PM

    I got 6/10, but two were definitely just informed guesses. And I'm pissed for missing the visit to the mound question - I know the rule, but mis-read the question. Great quiz - and always nice to have my love of baseball rules become useful!

  4. The Pathetic Earthling4:24 PM

    The only two I got that I *knew* I got were the infield fly rule one and the pitcher's mound one. But yeah, I almost stumbled into screwing that one up. I got 4/10, but not out of any great knowledge, just a several educated guesses panning out to a few good answers.

  5. bristlesage4:42 PM

    I got 7/10, but two were pretty much guesses. On the other hand, I've actually seen that balk rule enforced, as well as the aid on the basepaths one.

    And I made that exact joke, mentally, about Starlin Castro.

  6. J. Bowman6:40 PM

    2/10, and for one of those (Morneau's grand slam) I had the actual outcome wrong. Maybe the reason I was such a lousy baseball player is that I didn't know the rules.

  7. andrewraff1:09 PM

    4 out of 10 , and there are a few scenarios here (the balk, the runner hit by the batted ball when on base or when no fielder had a chance to make a play) that I not only didn't know the rule, but had it entirely backwards.

  8. Tom D2:17 PM

    5, but I was listening to an antitrust conference at the same time.