Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SKEE-BALL! The Gameological Society (AV Club's video game side) visits Chuck E. Cheese as an adult to determine what machines give you the best bang for your buck in winning tickets.  Frankly, I'll stick with the Super Trivia machine at Dave & Buster's, which might actually have a positive expectation on value, particularly if you're playing with a full slate of players.


  1. MidwestAndrew12:12 PM

    I was a Discovery Zone kid myself

  2. Marsha1:27 PM

    We used to go to Chuck's occasionally in college - back when you didn't need a kid in tow to go. Pinball and cheap pizza - it was a good afternoon's entertainment. Now there's no more pinball and the pizza isn't cheap. What is this world coming to?

    Thy left out my game of choice when I go with my kids annually while visiting my mom - I dont'know what it is called, but it involved throwing balls at a bunch of targets on a touch-sensitive screen. Difficult, playable by multiple people at once, and fun.

    And, of course and always, Skee-ball.

  3. Heather K12:01 PM

    Wait, you have to have a kid in tow now? I definitely went right after college as a date place with a guy. It was a surprisingly fun date playing all the games (keep in mind this was in the tri-cities, wa where there were no like boardwalks or arcades that could've fulfilled the same service).