Friday, September 20, 2013

AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO KEEP YOU SAFE:  Hey, Breaking Bad fans?  Don't forget about Huell.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling12:39 PM

    Help me out here: I wanted to listen again to the conversation from last weeks episode between Saul and Walt again where he said, in effect, they're going to go after you or they're going to go after Skyler, but I either (a) I've failed in several attempts to find the point in the episode or (b) I'm imagining that this conversation actually took place. Where in the episode was this?

  2. Joseph Finn1:19 PM

    Indeed, sir.

  3. Randy2:47 PM

    Last week as in "Ozymandias", the most recent ep? Saul wasn't in it. Saul does, however, appear as voiceover in the "Next, on Breaking Bad..." , and I think that's what he talks about there.

  4. What Randy said.

  5. J. Bowman4:10 PM

    The little easter eggs are what totally make this worth watching. You gotta watch it all the way through.

  6. Adam B.6:40 PM

    Seriously? You're not just trolling? Give me a timestamp.